Read varlues created from FreeFem ofstream

I have calculated some values on a .edp and I want to read them on a different one.
I used the following code to save them

{ofstream fout("f1.txt");
fout << f1 << endl;

Most of the files are arrays but one of them is a matrix saved on Hashmatrix type.
How would you go about on using them on a differend .edp
txt.rar (40.6 KB)

just do

real[int] f1;
ifstream fin("f1.txt");
fin >> f1;
//  here def matrix A....

	matrix sA=A;
	    ofstream ff("A.matrix");
	    ff  << sA; 
	  matrix ssA;
	    ifstream ff("A.matrix");
	    ff >> ssA;
	    ssA = (1.)*sA+ (-1.)*ssA;
	    cout  << ssA << endl;