Problem with UMPACK - VirtualSolverCG.hpp

Dear all,

I have a Stiffness matrix and an RHS Matrix, that I solve with :

set(StiffGlobal, solver=UMFPACK);

When I do this in local on my machine, there is no problem. However when I do the same thing on a cluster, I get this error :

Error: fgmres do not converge nb end =1
  current line = 19
Assertion fail : (0)
        line :254, in file ../femlib/VirtualSolverCG.hpp
Assertion fail : (0)
        line :254, in file ../femlib/VirtualSolverCG.hpp
 err code 6 ,  mpirank 0

Is there another argument to add in the solver ?

Here my code to reproduce this example. (16.4 KB)

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You probably don’t have SuiteSparse installed on your machine, so it switches to another solver by default.

// set(StiffGlobal, solver=UMFPACK);
// xx=StiffGlobal^-1*RHSGlobal;
load "PETSc"
Mat StiffGlobalPETSc(StiffGlobal);
set(StiffGlobalPETSc, sparams = "-pc_type lu -pc_factor_mat_solver_type mumps");

This will get the code to run even without SuiteSparse.

Thanks !

It works,

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