Poiseuille profil, Stokes , Uzawa

Hi everyone,

I am new to this amazing world of FreeFem users and I am having some issues with my work on a Poiseuille profil for Stokes equations with the Uzawa method.
My results are totally wrong but I don’t see what I have to change.
Could you give me some advice or recommandations to improve my work.

Thanks for your time.

If you are looking for something much more efficient than Uzawa method, you can look at PETSc examples, e.g., stokes-fieldsplit-3d-PETSc.edp, which also solves Stokes equations with a Poiseuille inflow.

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Thanks for you answer, I have already solved the problem with another method, but i have to compare it with the Uzawa one (that’s the work I am ask to do). I think my problem is maybe link to how I apply boundaries conditions and the labels identification.

Have a look on my PhD dissertation, there is a complete Uzawa algorithm in the appendix