Plugin compile module

I am trying to add plugin to FreeFEM++.
We would like to add a module with “load” command.
Is it possible to compile it independently from the main module?
We could not find a tutorial about it.
If there is such a toutiroal please let us know.

yes, you can compile the plugins independently (from the core FF compilation process I mean).
there’s a tutorial here:

Thank you.
We could compile our own function.cpp using ff-c++ on MinGW64 with Msys2.
Is it possible to use IntelOneAPI compilers with MinGW64 with Msys2?
As far as I searched with Google, the answer is no.

We are now trying to add one matrix solver based on ICCG, but are there any tips or suggested way of doing it? I am looking into the FreeFem-sources\plugin\seq folder and trying to find an example with the matrix solvers.

Incomplete Cholesky is already implemented in PETSc, there is no need for Intel oneAPI for that.