PETSc not detected on cluster with mpirun = mpiexec

Hey there, since the DM plex features requires FreeFem higher than 4.5; I tired to reinstall the FreeFem++ on my school’s cluster; The 4.5 version installation is good; But when I change it to 4.8 version, the PETSc can not be detected; The PETSc is installed correctly; From the config.log file, it seems like my MPI also can not be detected; I have no idea why 4.5 is working but 4.8 is not; I am putting the config.log file for your information here; Thx.config.log (430.2 KB)

This is not related to PETSc, but FreeFEM configure which doesn’t detect your MPI. What happens if you don’t use the flag MPIRUN=mpiexec in your command line?

The same thing happened if I am not using it;

wait for second; should I re run ./configure --enable-download --enable-optim --prefix=/home1/wangz6/ instead of ./reconfigure without MPIRUN = mpiexec ?

without MPIRUN = mpiexec the MPI can be detected, but PETSc still not.

without MPIRUN = mpiexec the MPI can be detected, but PETSc still not.

Please send the config.log.

I think I find out the problem, I add the MPIRUN = mpiexec on the .bash_profile; which is ok with 4.5 version; But with 4.8, freefem can not detect the mpi for me; So with ./configure I deleted that MPIRUN = mpiexec, use it in the ./reconfigure stage; Now the FreeFem can find the mpi and petsc together; I am not sure if this is the reason; Here is the new config.log file;config.log (391.6 KB)

That is the problem, because that variable is used by FreeFEM ./configure and it looks like it is messing things up on your machine.

After this correction, 4.8 is installed correctly; Thanks for your quick replay and suggestions. Thx.