PETSc Error on windows machine


I get an error message (system error) when using PETSc on a Windows machine (AMD CPU) as follows:
" The procedure entry point MPI_Comm_split_type could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files(x86)\FreeFem++\PETSc.Dll."

Could you please let me know how I can figure it out?


There is no such problem with the intel cpu.

Did you compile FreeFEM yourself?

No. Run it in cmd by:

" mpiexec.exe -np 2 FreeFem+±mpi.exe pmpi.edp"

I guess PETSc does not work with some sort of CPUs.

How did you compile FreeFEM? PETSc does work with most CPU, this has nothing to do with Intel versus AMD since both are x86_64-based.


I did not compile FreeFEM. I installed it using the provided FreeFem+±4.13-win64.exe file. Run it in cmd by:
" mpiexec.exe -np 2 FreeFem+±mpi.exe pmpi.edp". Should we compile the source code of the FreeFEM?

Not necessarily. Do other MPI examples from examples/mpi work?


I uninstalled the previous version of MsMPI and installed the new version of it (Microsoft MPI v10.0
). Now, it is working well.

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