Parent map domain for FreeFem


I need to implement a definition where the map from parent to physical domain is required. How can I find the parent domain? There is anyone who has already implemented a map from parent to physical domain in FreeFem? How can I compute it?



Do you have a specific example or citation/link to further explanation?

The article reads as:

[…] G is the inverse Jacobian of the element mapping between the parent and the physical domain […]

I thought that it is the map between the reference element and the physical one. However, I am not sure about what is the reference element on FreeFem. I made the hypothesis of a reference isotropic triangle, but if someone can confirm my hypothesis, it would be better.

Can you post more context? It may be obvious to someone with more FEM
experience but I’m not sure what you are after. AFAICT FreeFem elements
are triangles and tetrahedrons in 3D with a variety of test functions.