Help Making Sketched Geometry

Hi everyone,

I cannot think of a clever way to make this domain (Picture attached) in FreeFem. Any thoughts or ideas? The domain is 1+1/8 in length, 1 height, and 1 width. There is a 1/4 depth and 1/8 wide channel that cuts though it at a 45 degree angle.


I am also curious if this is even possible in FreeFem or if anyone has a recommendation for another program to build the mesh in and then import into FreeFem. If this is not possible, what FEM software package would work?

Gmsh can mesh this no problem.

Oh cool! I want to solve a fluids problem in FreeFem using this domain, so would I be able to import it? Is there a example of this being done?

Yes, they are some examples in the distribution using Gmsh meshes.

I will try this during the FreeFEM tutorial session this afternoon. Check Zoom link at FreeFEM Days - Events or look at the videos on YouTube once they are uploaded.

Thank you! I have to teach most of today but will watch the youtube video once it is posted.