OS Differences: Windows vs. Mac/Linux v4.9

FreeFem++ v4.9

We’re seeing different solutions and meshing between Windows (Dell XPS) and Mac/Linux (Macbook Pro M1). It is frequently so extreme that when solving the Laplace equation for our electromagnetics problem, one .edp file will lead to a stable solution on Mac and an unstable solution on Windows or vice versa. We’re using version control and have seen this occur in several situations and computers, so I’m confident that this is a not due to any difference in the code; we’re confident that there is a difference in FreeFem’s behaviour between platforms.

Is this a known issue or is there a workaround we can use? This has unfortunately reduced our trust in FreeFem++ but we’d like to understand this so that we can continue to use FreeFem across the team if possible.

Thanks very much,