Munmap_chunk error


I have installed FreeFem 4.4 from deb package, and it seems it is working fine, but once a script is finished I always get this error:

munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer
Aborted core dumped

Any hints?


Dear user,
Could you give more informations about this error? typically your script to reproduce this bug


I have been trying to locate the problem, and it has to be with reading meshes.

I think it has to be with a warning message I get when a mesh is read:
"Warning manifold obj "

Every time I have a mesh with this warning I get the error.

This is an example of such mesh

and a simple script to reproduce

mesh3 Th = readmesh3(“viga.mesh”);

Dear Ernesta,

Thank for this report, this is a bug with the debian package.
You can dowload the fixed release


Thanks Axel. It works fine!