Moving a bead in a viscoelastic medium 3D

I would like to model a (spherical) bead in a (spherical) 3D visco-elastic medium.
The bead is first moved around actively by external forces.
Once these forces stop, I want to find out the movement of the bead due to the visco-elastic relaxation.

Would that be possible to model in FreeFem ? Any pointer one where I should look to get started ?

Thanks !

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Yes I think is possible, but first you need the mechanical model . If you do this in the framework of the bead, the domain are fixe or you have just small deformation. It will be not to hard to do.


Thanks for the reply !

So to be clear, the bead is moving inside a sphere of visco-elastic medium. The bead and its displacements are rather large compared to the sphere size so I don think I can work in the framework of the bead.

I guess I need a model for the bead, and I think a stiff linear elastic will do. I do not care about the bead deformation, and in the analytical formulation, the bead is mostly a moving boundary condition - albeit moved around by the visco-elastic medium.

Orders of magnitudes : bead radius is 1/4 of sphere radius ; bead displacement is also 1/4th of sphere radius.

Sorry, for me it very hard to understand what is you problem without graphic.
Please a small hand plot will really help me.

Sorry if I was not clear ! Here is a schematic :

So this is just a large non linear elastic problem, so problem for except the
modele of the viscoelastic medium.