Simple cube under compression (elastic regime)

Hello dear all.

Let me tell you that today I started looking at freefem. I am fluid dynamic guy (before I was working with openFoam). Basically I am quite new into solids.

Look I installed freefem on windows (my boss uses windows only). I tested the example of a bem under gravity force and the program run smoothly. However, I saw that such geometry was created inside freefem, and also I noticed that a load is applied.

Therefore I was wondering if there is a tutorial on how to do simulation importing and external geometry of course with its patches like bottomWall and topWall the application of the boundary conditions and so on. But applying a certain displacement, (remember in elestic regime).

I just wanna start with a really simple geometry like a cube. Later on is going to be a really complex geometry.

Please share any info.

Sorry if I am asking to much but I really wanna get into free fem and I spent the whole day trying to understand the software. I don’t wanna go into commercial softwares.

Thanks in advance

In my slide of the freefem++ day in

slide 78 you a a full example and the source of the example isin directory edp2/beam-3d.edp

Dear Professor thank you very much.

Now lets start reading and understanding the full code.

Best Regards
Alberto Campuzano