Movemesh() to generate a circle

Hi there, if we use

Th = movemesh(Th0, [xcos(y), xsin(y)])

to generate a circular mesh

from a rectangle:

How to collapse the overlapped line at y=0 so that it becomes a proper structured mesh?

Seems there is parameter ptmerge, but it is only for 3D?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Sorry due to missing code you have to use two 2 mesh add glut this 2 mesh with operator +

mesh Th=square(32,10,[(1+y)*cos(pi*x),(1+y)*sin(x*pi)]) + square(32,10,[(1+y)*cos(pi*(x+1)),(1+y)*sin((x+1)*pi)])  ;
Th =change(Th,rmInternalEdges=1);

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Thank you very much!

This bug was fixed in develop branch,