Move mesh function inquiry


I have a question: Using the move mesh function, do the FE functions move with it, or is the mesh the only thing that is moved?

For example, having a delta function
d(x) = 1 only at x = 0.
If I move mesh at x=0 to x=2, is the function now:
d(x) = 1 only at x = 2 ?

I found the answer in the doc:
After the movemesh, FE function does not update. But we can move the value by:

real[int] tmp(u[].n);
tmp = u[]; //save the value
u = 0;//to change the FEspace and mesh associated with u
u[] = tmp;//set the value of u without any mesh update


read the section 3.2.7 Movemesh of the doc.

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