Method of Moving Asymptotes (MMA)

Deal all,

I would like to know if there is MMA code implemented in FreeFEM?


Thanks, kind of an interesting topic apparently I had never heard of.
A quick parial grep of the source/build dir didn’t turn up anything obvious.

However, this may be of interest to others. After a quick search, I was intrigued
about possible physical significance of this. Everytime I see a polynomial,
I wonder if it started out as a denominator some where ( kind of like relativity ).

Thank you for your reply.
The MMA is a solver widely used for topology optimization developped by Prof. Krister Svanberg. The original code was written in Matlab. I’ve seen some people implement the code in PETSc or OpenFOAM. That’s why I’m curious if similar work has been done with FreeFEM.

Yes, it has been done, but I can’t share it publicly.

Thanks, MIT apparently did have the original then,