Load function values from the file

I’m trying to solve the system of equations where for one of the functions (actually velocity vector) I got values calculated outside FF.

To simplify lets imagine I’ve rectangular mesh size 10x20 and got file with vector values in some points (1,1; 1,2; 1,3 etc at regular intervals) but these points were generated outside FF and are totally not connected with mesh points so typical ifstream fileRead… won’t work in my case.

I can load these values as a list/array but I have no idea how to transform into function using points’ coordinates on a mesh.

Is there any cleaver way to define such external function in FF?

Hope that description was clear.

See the function “triangulate” presuming you have some way to connect the
vaues to location.

Once you have the data points on one mesh, interpolating to another mesh or
element type is pretty easy too. as any point can be generated with the v(x,y)

You can generate an interpolation matrix with
“interpolate” for example.