Label each boundary edge with the natural numbering

Hello all,

Given a domain with N boundary edge, I would like to assign to each boundary edge the label corresponding to the natural numbering (label 0 for boundary edge 0, label 1 for boundary edge 1, …).

For example we consider the domain is a triangle with 3 boundary edges.
Potentially, initially all boundary edges of the domain have the same label, so I cannot do:

int[int] NewLab = [lab[0],0,lab[1],1,lab[2],2];

Thus I have tried another approach: I have assigned a value to each boundary edge such as

fespace Lh0(THK, P0edge);
Lh0 l0;

and I ave tried to use l0 as defined to label each boundary edge but I did not succeed.

Could some one help me or suggest another approach ?

Thank you in advance,

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It works by doing this:

func int Mylab(int i){
  return i;

And then

int j=0; 
THK = change(THK, flabel=Mylab(j++));

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