Edge number/label

Is there a way to get the edge numbering? For boundary edges and internal edges.
For example:

I want to number each edge from a given mesh

You can use a P0Ege Finite element,

fespace Eh(Th,P0Egde);
for (int k=O, k<Th.nt;++k)
  for(int i=0; i<3;++i) // in 2d 
    { int nu = Eh(k,i) ;
    // nu the a number of edge i in triangle k
     int i1 = Th[k][(i+1)%3];
     int i2 = Th[k][(i+2)%3];
    int  orientation = i1 < i2; 

This way I’m numbering the edges. Is this the same for the labels? To establish boundary conditions.