Kelvin Helmholtz instability

Hi, everyone. I want to ask if any one has tried to simulate the Kelvin Helmholtz instability? I dont know how to deal with the interface between two fluids.

For something like this, have you tried a literature search? I’m just answering because
I’m curious about a lot of things like this. There seem to be many techniques for dealing
with deformable interfaces. I guess there is always the issue between microscopic and macrosopic
approach but presumably you are interested in the macroscopic and start with
the usual suspects- F-ma at the interface, momentum conservation, divergence theorem etc.
Writing an expression for the interface location may give you some ideas what is important
presumably local curvature stuff like that. I guess if you found a few papers that seem
to come close you could bring them here and see if anyone knows how they work
with FF.