FreeFem Courses: Recommendations for Learning


I’ve been using FreeFem for several months, but I would ideally like to complete an online tutorial (e.g. Udemy/Coursera). Aside from the documentation on the FreeFem website, are there any courses which people would recommend?

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you can see:


Fabulous. Thank you so much Frederic! This looks wonderful

Dear @frederichecht Sir
I have a couple of questions:

a) Any supporting documents for interface boundary problems for the freefem?

b) can we implement the Schwartz algorithm for the elliptic interface boundary problem with a discontinuity across the interface boundary?

Your comments will be helpful for solving my problem.


I do some exemple long time ago 2009 during the freefem++ of
thermal contact (ie. BC : jump(u) = constant and K d u/ dn is continuous )

you can see
[MaBain talk](FreeFem-days/McBain.pdf at master · FreeFem/FreeFem-days · GitHub

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Thanks @frederichecht Sir
It is helpful in case of my problem.