Iovtk : Read function values from vtk file

Dear all,

I saved the values of a scalar field u together with the mesh Th in a .vtk file with

savevtk(“u.vtk”, Th, u, dataname=“u”, order=[1]);

Now I would like to read it in a new simulation.

mesh umeshloaded=vtkload(“u.vtk”);

loads just the mesh. How can I read the values of the field u ?

A function read procedure analogous to what is described on page 50 in the FreeFEM3D documentation

would be perfect, I think. But I do not find how to do it in FreeFem++. I’m working in 2D for the moment.

Thank you in advance!

I am trying to perform something very similar. Have you managed to solve your problem?

No, I didn’t have any answer, and unfortunately I didn’t manage to read field values from .vtk file myself.
Therefore I write now the field values in separate ordinary textfiles for future use in FreeFem simulations.