Installing freefem++-cs on macOS

I would like to know how to install freefem+±cs on macOS

Sorry but FreeFem-cs is now out of date,
Antoine stop the développement, so not way.


FreeFem-cs is still being developed, but unfortunately I do not have access to macOS anymore. If anyone is interested in porting to macOS, I would be quite happy to include their patches. Please get in touch.

Non, problem, I can lend a Mac Intel rapidly, and or make a account a Mac M1 mini. (from mac arm version)

Best Regards,

Frédéric Hecht.

I have problem to build the correct version,

Un Idea to use this version is to install missing library.

jute do

install brew on you mac.

brew install gcc
brew install sparse-suite
brew install metis

I think this is suffisante

I have put a correct version with correct dylib, for mac intel,
Please test to be sure.