Install FreeFem on cluster

I am trying to install freefem on a cluster but I always meet an error when compiling petsc. It always says there are two errors then the compilation stopped. The error message is like this:

   [gmakefile:188: arch-FreeFem/obj/vec/is/sf/impls/basic/sfpack.o] Error 1
   [/home/dong/Freefem/petsc/lib/petsc/conf/rules:56: libs] Error 2

I also attach the make.log file and configure.log here. Could you help me with it? Thank you!
configure.log (3.5 MB)
make.log (41.8 KB)

Are you compiling on a login node or on a compute node? This kind of error happens when you are launching too many processes on login nodes, and I see PETSc is compiling the library with 59 processes, so that’s quite a lot. Could you try to add the configuration flag --with-make-np=20, reconfigure, and recompile?

Thank you! I tried it out and it is indeed the node problem, the cluster I used by default allocates share node for computing. The error went away when I called for a complete node with --execlusive.