Having a Jump BC for a continuous element type

Dear colleagues;
Is it possible to have a jump over an edge for a continuous element type? Based on my smattering, it should work for p0, p1dc, p2dc, …
However, the example in the document has done it for a p1 element.

I have a line over which I want to jump my P2-element type variable for a constant value. Is such a thing possible?

Any idea is much appreciated!

You can use DG formulation, and add constraint jump(phi) = c on some internal boundary,
Sorry, You have , I have no time to write the correct formulation but I am sure it is possible.

Dear Professor Hecht;
I couldn’t find any source mentioning how to write it:

My problem is jumping over an internal boundary like:
Screenshot from 2022-04-23 22-06-26
For the equation:
r\nabla^2 \psi =r \nabla \cdot q- \nabla \cdot \mu
To have a jumep equal to 2pi I have written as:
solve Mahdi( ψ , v )= int2d(Th)( r
(dx( ψ )*dx(v) + dy( ψ )dy(v)) ) + int2d(Th)( ( μ x-r qx )dx(v) + ( μ y-r qy )dy(v) )
v * (2 *pi)*jump( ψ ));

And it is not working…

Could you please kindly refer me to how to use the jump function? I couldn’t find it with the existing documentation.
Thanks so much.