Error - saving and loading 3D meshes

Using version 4.1 I did not manage to run a code which ran well previously (before 4.0). The idea is that I take a 3D mesh and use the trunc function in order to construct two meshes. Then I save them, but I cannot reload them.

A message is written on the screen when saving: ** WARNING remove SURFACE MESH in trunc 3d due to bug

Then when trying to load the mesh, it says that the boundary part is not present and it fails… it is a pity that I cannot use previous codes under the new version. Will this be fixed in upcoming versions?

I have a minimal example that I could send, but I cannot attach files as a new member…

The issue is solved after installing the development version 4.2.

Thank you Simon Garnotel and Frederic Hecht for the advice.

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