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Dear FreeFem users, (@simon.garnotel ?)

I am trying to run FreeFem using the docker images available in this repository. However, it seems to me all the images are exactly the same, v4.10. This is also indicated by the fact that running the following example
produces a run, although it should run smoothly on v4.11. Am I missing something, or are the docker versions indeed the same? Can someone else reproduce this behavior? Any help is appreciated!

I just check the version and it is effectively v4.10 on the docker tagged 4.11 (docker cache mistake).
I just launch a new build and the correct version should be available soon.

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Thanks for the quick reply. When I try docker pull freefem/freefem:latest, I get the following error message:

failed to register layer: ApplyLayer exit status 1 stdout: stderr: archive/tar: invalid tar header

Do you have any suggestion what may cause this error?

Nevermind, restarting the PC seems to resolved the issue. Thanks for the quick update!

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I just check, normally all is good:

***@***-desktop:~$ docker run -it freefem/freefem /bin/bash
root@fa0e284dcf96:/# FreeFem++
FreeFem++ - version 4.11 (Thu Apr 21 10:07:18 UTC 2022 - git v4.11) 64bits
License: LGPL 3+ (
Usage: FreeFem++ [FreeFEM arguments] filename [script arguments]
FreeFEM arguments:
	-f:     [filename]  script file name
	-v:     [verbosity] level of FreeFEM output (0 - 1000000)
	-nw:                no graphics
	-wg:                with graphics
	-ne:                no edp script output
	-cd:                change directory to script directory
	-cdtmp:             change directory to /tmp
	-jc:                just compile
	-ns:                same as -ne
	-nowait:            do not wait graphics at the end
	-nc:                without console (MS Windows only)
	-log:               with console (MS Windows only)
	-wait:              wait graphics at the end
	-fglut: [filename]  redirect graphics in file
	-glut:  [command]   use custom glut
	-gff:   [command]   use custom glut (with space quoting)
	-check_plugin [filename]        just try if the plugin is correct
	-?:                 show help

without default ffglut: ffglut

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