DG Pressure Correction for Navier Stokes

Hello everyone, I am trying to apply DG for pressure correction scheme of navier stokes equation.
In the code the bilinear form,:-
problem U ([uu1,uu2], [v1,v2])= int2d(Th) (uu1v1+uu2v2) + int2d(Th) (phidt(dx(v1) + dy(v2))) // velocity Correction
-intalledges(Th) (dt * mean(phi) * (jump(v1)*N.x+jump(v2)N.y)/nTonEdge)
-int2d(Th)(u1 * v1+u2 * v2)
isn’t working. Here phi is a known value, calculated from a previous bilinear form. I think the problem occurs when i am trying to integrate the product "mean(phi)
( jump(v1) * N.x + jump(v2) * N.y)".
So is there any other way of doing this integration or the problem is in somewhere else.
Please enlighten me.