Can implement Discontinuous Galerkin for divergence term?

Hello everyone,
I am trying to write a code where the divergence term appears in DG formulation, that is,

  • int_{O} p div(u) + int_{O} {p}[u*n],
    where O is a domain, p is pressure, u is velocity, div is divergence operator, {.} is the average operator, [.] is the jump operator, and n is the normal vector.

In the code, I am writing the above integrals as follows:

  • int2d(Th)(p*(dx(u1)+dy(u2)) + intalledges(Th)(jump(u1N.x+u2N.y)*mean(p)/nTonEdge);

But when I start the code, this message appears:

"To Day in bilinear form with discontinous Galerkin (2d):
test or unkown function must be defined on the same FEspace,
and the matrix is not symmetric.
To do other case in a future (F. Hecht) dec. 2003 ERROR "BUG ??? A FAIRE/ TO DO (see F. hecht) “0”

What am I doing wrong?
Any help is welcome
Best regards