Continuum Damage Mechanics (2D Notched Beam)


Does anyone, by chance, know how to implement FEA for the continuum damage mechanics?

I have questions on how to use the Newton-Raphson method to calculate the damage propagation.

Currently, I am building a 2D Notched Beam model (attached). I am using a straightforward secant stiffness to calculate the stress evolution, which gives me a very wrong solution. I know I need to use tangential stiffness. I don’t know the detailed algorithm.

Thank you very much if you have any clue! It will also be helpful to provide me some literature with detailed implements, examples, and codes. I am attaching my code and the description of the 2D notch beam problem for COMSOL, which I want to benchmark the code with.

Thank you,

NotchedBeam_2d_CB.edp (5.0 KB) models.nsm.notched_beam_damage.pdf (1.4 MB)