Compilation Error with Raviart-Thomas (RT) element

Hello Evry one ,
I need you help, i got such errors when compiling my code:

“Compile error : Invalide array size for vectorial fespace function”,
I changed the finite element , i just moved from P1 ( with P1 finite element the code is working fine) to RT0Ortho.

fespace ESh(Sh, RT0Ortho);
fespace ETh(Th, RT0Ortho);

ETh u1, u2, u3,u4, u5, u6, w1, w2, w3,w4, w5, w6;
ETh us1, us2, us3, us4, us5, us6;
ETh uss1, uss2, uss3, uss4, uss5, uss6;
ETh u21, u22, u23, u24, u25, u26;
ETh u11, u12, u13, u14, u15, u16;
ETh w21, w22, w23, w24, w25, w26;
ETh v1, v2, v3,v4, v5, v6;

Any ideas ?

Raviart–Thomas FE are vectorial FE.

ETh u1, u2;

should read:

ETh [u1, u2];

Thanks #prj for the answer,

Yes, i do that in the code, but i get a compile error

Compile error : interpolation of no scalar FE function component with scalar function

A little script that illustrates my problem follows
when i make like this
ETh [u1, u2];
ETh [u3, u4];
ETh [u5, u6];
ETh [w1, w2];
ETh [w3, w4];
ETh [w5, w6];
ETh [us1, us2];
ETh [us3, us4];
ETh [us5, us6];

ETh[ uss1, uss2];
ETh[ uss3, uss4];
ETh[ uss5, uss6];