Array of vectorial fespace function

Dear all,

I am trying to make an array of vectorial fespace funciton like this:

 macro defU(u) [u#x,u#y,u#z];
 XXXh defU(uq1);
 XXXh[int] defU(uq)(10);

and after solving the uq1, I want to restore uq1 to the first array in uq:

uq(0) = uq1;

But FreeFem 4.14 tells me that the array size is wrong and could not be compiled.

Is there any other way to make this?

Thanks a lot~

Now I use a matrix to store the data, but I think there might be a better way?

 real[int,int] uq(uq1x[].n, norder)
 uq(0:uq1x[].n-1,0) = uq1x[];