Coefficients of basis functions

Dear community,

Is there a clever way to access the exact coefficients of the P1 basis functions?

/Fotios Kasolis

By using the [] operator:
fespace Vh(Th,P1);
Vh f;
for(int i=0; i<Vh.ndof; ++i)

Dear @arousta,

Unfortunately, this is not right. This way you can only get the components of a finite element function. What I need is something like

border C(t = 0.0, 2.0*pi){ x = cos(t); y = sin(t); }
mesh T = buildmesh(C(100));

fespace V1(T, P1);
fespace V0(T, P0);
V1 f = 0.0;
V0 a, b;

for (int cnt=0; cnt<V1.ndof; cnt++) {
  f[][cnt] = 1;
  a = dx(f);
  b = dy(f);
  f[][cnt] = 0;

where a and b are the required values. I just want to avoid the loop, since these values are somewhere computed in the base code (somehow), and my mesh has 1e7 elements. On the other hand, something like varf acoef(void,v)=int2d(T)(dx(v)) has to be computed on V1 but can be made to result in average coefficients.