Is it possible to access values of a P1 element at the nodes?


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Is it possible to access values of a P1 function at the nodes and put them in an array?

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(Simon Garnotel) #2

Finite element function can be automatically converted in array, you have to write:

fespace Uh(Th, P1);
Uh u = ...;

cout << u[] << endl;
cout << u[][5] << endl;

u[] is the array of u, u[][5] is the 6th element of the array.

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Thank you for the quick answer.

I have another question. Given a mesh Th and a function u in Vh, how do I get the value of u at the node Th[i][j]?

(Simon Garnotel) #4

The mesh node is obtained using Th(i) (not Th[i][j], this is triangle i, vertex j, see documentation).

You have access to the value at node i using u[][i], or alternatively u(Th(i).x, Th(i).y) (using interpolation).