Code doesn't run on my laptop but do on other's - femlib issues?

Hi everyone,

I was a bit shy about posting since I don’t know much yet but I was hoping you could help me with this.

I have been working on a finite element method code for a school project and we’ve had to use the following line that seems to be an issue on my laptop:
line 37 : " real ra=Da*(0.1*Th(x,y).region+0.9);"

I get the following error :
" current line = 37
Assertion fail : (k++<10000)
line :1223, in file …/femlib/fem.cpp
Assertion fail : (k++<10000)
line :1223, in file …/femlib/fem.cpp
err code 6 , mpirank 0 "

And the weird thing here, in fact, is that both my instructor and my teammate can use our code without issue.
I thought it could be because I was the only one with the latest version on but tbh I don’t know what is the problem.

Could you please provide a runnable script in order to try to reproduce your issue?

I can’t copy/paste this. Please surround your code by three backquotes `. Like this:

// easy copy/paste