Running FreeFem fails

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install FreeFem (v4.9) on a 2020 M1 MacBook Air using the source code, and I get the following error while trying to run a program.

>>> FreeFem++ test.edp

1 != 7 - dHat = 3 0107269324801 6
  current line = -1
Assertion fail : (nn == k)
	line :64, in file ./../femlib/PkLagrange.hpp
libc++abi: terminating with uncaught exception of type ErrorAssert: Assertion fail : (nn == k)
	line :64, in file ./../femlib/PkLagrange.hpp
zsh: abort      FreeFem++

Also, all the tests in make check failed with the same error. My config.param file is


I didn’t use ipopt since it threw an error when running make -j2. Can someone help me out with this error?


EDIT 1: I downloaded the .pkg for the latest release and it runs, but only on the Intel architecture. Is it an issue with not having support for Apple Silicon yet?