Anisotropic mesh adaptation

I would like to run a kind of parabolic pde with anisotropic mesh adaption using a Hessian based metric. For static problem, I guess I can start from CornerLap.edp.
Is there any example available for transient pb to help me start on the subject?


This is a good question.

For a parabolic problem, without transport part it is not too hard.

The major issue is du to the interpolation process, if you do this at each time step the risk of lost matter is important.

You can see FreeFem-sources/NSP1P2.edp at master · FreeFem/FreeFem-sources · GitHub for exemple

@frederichecht thanks for the example.
The is no transport term in my problem so it shall be ok to follow what is done in the example :slight_smile:
Still, I have a question:

The is a typo in the metric no?

The basic term on adaptmesh

Th=adaptmesh(Th,[u1,u2], …);
for P1 approximation and for P2 approximation a possibility is
Th=adaptmesh(Th,[dx(u1),dx(u2),dy(u1),dy(u2)], …);

because the optimal use the third derivative.