Would that possible to add Mshdist lib in FreeFem

Hello FreeFem team, thx to make such a perfect tool for us; I recently tried to add the Mshdist into FreeFem; However, the Mshdist uses the xxx.mesh or .sol files as its input, as my understanding, FreeFem needs to transfer whatever mesh objectives treated in FreeFem [such as the class defined in msh3.hpp] into the objectives used in Mshdist; I found out that this conversion is similar to add the mmg3d lib under 3rdparty into FreeFem; Unfortunately, there is little information I can find out about the msh3 class and I am also unable to catch up the information from the FreeFem source code; So would it be possible to add this lab into FreeFem or if I can hear any guidance from you?

Thank you very much.

Do you know you can use the distance plugin as well? See distance.edp and other examples.
Iā€™m working on a fork of Mshdist which I plan on integrating inside FreeFEM, but in the meantime, I hope the distance plugin will do the trick for you.

Yes prj, Thx for the reply; I know the distance plugin of freefem, but it does not work well in my case;

Also, .mesh and .sol as generated by FreeFEM are usable by Mshdist. So you should be able to use it through and exec("./mshdist ..."); call in your .edp.

Did you mean this command in FreeFem? I will try this. thank you for mentioning it.

Yes, exactly. + savesol, readsol, readmesh & co.

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Thank you very much Prj, that is very helpful;