Use meshL to define an interval

please how we can youse meshL to define an interval [a,b]? Using segment.
I don’t find examples.


/ using buildmeshL

real a = 2.0;
real b = 4.0;

int n=10;

border interval(t=a, b){x=t;y=0;z=0;};
meshL ThbuildmeshL = buildmeshL(interval(n));
fespace WhbuildmeshL(ThbuildmeshL,P1);
WhbuildmeshL B = x;

cout << endl << “buildmeshL” << endl;
cout << “x” << endl << B[] << endl;

Hi gero,
i’m lost with x. The interval is interval of time t.
Then, can we change x by t? And in this case How we re-write
border interval(t=a, b){x=t;y=0;z=0;};?

Othere question, can we use the expression “segment” to define meshL?


t is simply a parameter basically a variable.

I think Parametric equation - Wikipedia describes the mathematical concept behind it.

Kind regards