Thermoelasticity and Free FEM

Dear friends,
I have a problem in coding to solve a system of thermoelastic equations.

I have written for first equation in my code as follows.

problem thel1([u,v,T],[uh,vh,Tbar])= int2d(TD)(lambda*div(u,v)*div(uh,vh),v)'epsilon(uh,vh))
(T-Told)div(uh,vh))- int2d(TD)(fvh) + on(4,u=0,v=0);

However, after running, it shows me the following error!

36 : -kappa*(T-Told) error operator - <10LinearCombI7MGauche4C_F0E>, <St4pairIP6FEbaseId5v_fesEiE>

Could you please help me??

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Note: the -kappa * Told * div(uh, vh) is a right-hand side. the weak form can be written as follows

problem thel1([u,v,T],[uh,vh,Tbar])= int2d(TD)(lambda*div(u,v)*div(uh,vh)
                    + 2.*mu*(epsilon(u,v)'*epsilon(uh,vh)) - kappa*T*div(uh,vh))
                    - int2d(TD)(f*vh - kappa*Told*div(uh, vh))
                    + on(4,u=0,v=0);
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Thank you very much.
Would you please help me about the second equation??
I’ve written it as follows.

problem thel2([u,v,T],[uh,vh,Tbar])= int2d(TD)(rhocidtTTbar)

I’m learning Free FEM, then I’m not ok how to code.