The meaning of "clean = true" in the "Mat<complex> M(J, Loc, clean = true);"

Dear all,
I have recently been studying Eigenvalue problem in PETSc. This is FreeFem-sources/examples/hpddm–Eigenvalue problems. I find that some script have parameter “clean = true” in “Mat M(J, Loc, clean = true)”, but some don’t, e.g Mat M(J, Loc). I test a few of this scripts, like this:navier-stokes-2d-SLEPc-complex.edp. But I find that whether or not “clean = true” is added made no difference to the result. What does “clean = true” do?
Thank you in advance!

It deletes the input FreeFEM matrix Loc. Not really needed unless you want to optimize aggressively memory consumption.

Thank you very much for you reply. I get it.