Support for reading tetgen and gmsh mesh file formats

I used the example file that comes with tetgen saving the mesh as a “.mesh” file which
is supposed to be a gmsh format but could not get freefem to read it. Importing into
gmsh and saving as a .msh file failed too but with different errors. It looks like there
are plugins for gmsh and tetgen in the FF source. Generally what is involved in adding support?
If it is not too hard I can do it at least for a local copy.


 FreeFem++ tetgen.edp-- FreeFem++ v4.12 (Sun Jan 22 17:51:12 EST 2023 - git no git)
   file : tetgen.edp
 Load: lg_fem lg_mesh lg_mesh3 eigenvalue 
    1 : load "gmsh"
    2 : load "medit"
    3 : load "tetgen" load: tetgen  

    4 : meshS Th = gmshloadS("tetgen2.mesh"); //  Thtotal;
    5 : medit("adsf",Th);
    6 :  sizestack + 1024 =1272  ( 248 )

Element of type 3 is not considered in Freefem++