Strange behaviour with int2d (Freefem 4.10)

I’ve defined a Th mesh with a region Coil1.

func Pk = P1;
fespace Ah(Th, Pk);
Ah Coil = 1*(Th(x,y).region == Coil1);

real Area = int2d(Th, qforder=6)(Coil);
real Area1 = int2d(Th, qforder=6)(1*(Th(x,y).region == Coil1));

This gives me:
S=0.000979574 m2, 0.00126 m2

Why Area and Area1 does not display the same value?

Well, without the mesh, it’s kind of hard to reproduce, but I don’t see why you would expect the same results whenever func Pk != P0.

It’s true that this will depend on Pk space on integration scheme used
But the result is very different which is somehow unexpected.

The computed magnetic field from this model is quite different from what is expected (by a factor 1/2 !!) unless I’ve made some mistake

PS: I’ve send you the corresponding edp file by email as I haven’t managed to attach the file to this email