Solving parallel RL circuit

Hi! I am a material science major so my question about electricity may be trivial:
I am trying to get a graph voltage Vs current with a current loading according to a function of time.
let’s say Iop = t*1 t in sec until 50 A.

From what I know of electricity, here I cannot use complex numbers so I get this:

Iop(t) = Ir(t) + Il(t)
Iop(t) = \frac{V(t)}{R} + \int_t\frac{V(t)}{L}dt

or another thing I could use:

Iop(t) = \frac{L}{R}\frac{dIl(t)}{dt} + Il(t)

Il being the current going through the inductor and Ir the current going through the resistor.

From there I am a bit lost:
I thought about using part of the code taken from there FreeFem++ users | Main >> ExampleBySilvainAuliac :

int np=100;
mesh Th = square(np,1,[x,y/50]); //transformation for viewing comfort
fespace Vh(Th,P1);
Vh u,v;
func f=1.;
solve Laplace1D(u,v) = int2d(Th)(dx(u)*dx(v)) - int2d(Th)(v*f) + on(2,4,u=0.);

To have a 1D time axis and calculate the Iop and V on it.

Would this work? if yes how should I solve the problem and if not how should I proceed?

FreeFEM is no a good tools to solve you problem!