Report on memory and storage use

Is there anyway to get a report on the amound of RAM and storage used during the computation?

I can easily find the computational time at the end of .log file.
I was wondering if there is any further information?

times: compile 0.439s, execution 84.576s,  mpirank:0
 ######## We forget of deleting   4222 Nb pointer,   0Bytes  ,  mpirank 0, memory leak =0
 CodeAlloc : nb ptr  5700,  size :578008 mpirank: 0
Ok: Normal End

would you please explain about 4222 Nb pointer or nb prt 5700 or size :578008 ?

You can simply use the command-line flag -v 0, or verbosity = 0 at the bottom of your script. FreeFEM has a pseudo-memory counter, but it’s not working properly in some instances.

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yes it is a bit difficult to get anything else than the total cpu time.

you can use function
storageused() or storagetotal();
in you script to now down the memory usage.

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