Problem in reading gmsh file

Dear all,

I want to import gmsh mesh file to the freefem++ but the boundaries labels are not recognized when I read the file. the attached you can find the *.geo and *.msh file as a text . I don’t understand what the problem is. (7.6 MB)

The problem is in the definition of geo file, not in freefem++.
I am not a spécialisé in gmsh, but first you can try on a small carre to understand the problem.

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I do not have much experience with GMSH + FreeFem. However, I noticed when importing a 3D mesh that FreeFem can only access the regular “Plane Surface” labels, not the “Physical Surface” labels.

I think you should use the following script

load "gmsh"
mesh th=gmshload("airfoil.msh");

cout << labels(th) << endl;

an cross-check the labels between the GMSH ID numbers and the FreeFem script.

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