Plot of a FE function without the underlying mesh

Hi, I would like to plot a FE function without the background mesh (see attached image to see the background mesh). Is it possible?


prova.pdf (601.1 KB)

Yes, just use the function as the parameter of plot, not the mesh itself.

I’m using this command for the plot and the saving

plot(v, fill = 1, value=1, grey=1 ,ps=“prova.eps”);

and I am not using the mesh as parameter. The issue is that I would like to save a FE function plot without the field of the mesh. I cannot split them and save only the function field.

IIRC you had to hit “m” or “n” or something in the plot window to get the mesh to show up.
If you plan on doing a lot of modifications you may be better off saving the
function and mesh in files and plotting with something else.
You can iterate over a fine array of points and use ff to interpolate with parens, u(x,y)
for example.