Phase field fracture Compile error

I want to finish phase field simulation by Freefem++, but and there is awalys a complile error in the following code: error operator - , <10LinearCombI7MGauche4C_F0E>

macro u [u0,u1] //eom
macro v [v0,v1] //eom
macro uold [uold0, uold1] //eom
macro uvold [uvold0, uvold1]//
macro du(ph) ((1-ph)(1-ph))//
macro tau(u) ((dx(u[1])+dy(u[0]))/2)//
macro epsilon(u) [dx(u[0]),tau(u),tau(u),dy(u[1])]//
macro div(u) (dx(u[0])+dy(u[1]))// tr(u)
macro Sxx(u) (lamda
macro Syy(u) (lamdadiv(u)+2mudy(u[1]))//
macro Sxy(u) (2
mutau(u)) //
macro Syx(u) (2
mutau(u)) //
macro sigma(u) [Sxx(u),Sxy(u),Syx(u),Syy(u)]//
macro absmus(u) ((div(u)-abs(div(u)))
macro dW(u,v) (sigma(u)'epsilon(v))//
macro psi(u) (0.5
macro sT(u) [(Sxx(u)*N.x,Sxy(u)*N.y),(Syx(u)*N.x+Syy(u)*N.y)]//
fespace Vh(Th,[P2,P2]);
fespace Xh(Th,P2);
Vh u,v,uold,uvold;
Xh ph,w,phold;

// weak form

problem phasefield(ph,w,solver=CG,init=1)

problem phasefield(ph,w,solver=CG,init=1)
=int2d(Th)(Gcl(dx(ph)dx(w)+dy(ph)dy(w)))+int2d(Th)(Gc/lphw-2.0psi(u) (0.5dW(u,u) (sigma(u) [Sxx(u) (lamdadiv(u) (dx(u [u0,u1] [0])+dy(u [u0,u1] [1]))+2mudx(u [u0,u1] [0])),Sxy(u) (2mutau(u) ((dx(u [u0,u1] [1])+dy(u [u0,u1] [0]))/2)) ,Syx(u) (2mutau(u) ((dx(u [u0,u1] [1])+dy(u [u0,u1] [0]))/2)) ,Syy(u) (lamdadiv(u) (dx(u [u0,u1] [0])+dy(u [u0,u1] [1]))+2mudy(u [u0,u1] [1]))]'epsilon(u) [dx(u [u0,u1] [0]),tau(u) ((dx(u [u0,u1] [1])+dy(u [u0,u1] [0]))/2),tau(u) ((dx(u [u0,u1] [1])+dy(u [u0,u1] [0]))/2),dy(u [u0,u1] [1])])-0.125sumabsmus(u) ((div(u) (dx(u [u0,u1] [0])+dy(u [u0,u1] [1]))-abs(div(u) (dx(u [u0,u1] [0])+dy(u [u0,u1] [1]))))(div(u) (dx(u [u0,u1] [0])+dy(u [u0,u1] [1]))-abs(div(u)
(dx(u [u0,u1] [0])+dy(u [u0,u1] [1]))))))w(1-ph) error operator - , <10LinearCombI7MGauche4C_F0E>

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