Periodic plus a value BC

Dear Fellows!
I am trying to find a Boundary condition where the value on boundary A is equal to the values of B plus a constant. More like a Periodic BC where the value on B is A+const.

Any thoughts or ideas are sincerely appreciated…

I think I have solved it somehow;
I defined a new domain (here the triangle between A and B), as decomposition, and solved a dummy equation on it to have the value equal on both edges and received psiD, also defined psiE=psiD+const;

then I read it as on(A=PsiD) and on (B=psiE);

If your problem is linear a(u,v)=f(v) , then you can solve 2 problems
in space V_0 (dirichlet 0) and in V_p (periodic) and V_0 is include in V_p
such that the solution will be u= u_p + u_c
u_c solution with dirichlet constant of a(u_c,v)=0, u_c= 0 on A and u_c=const on B
and u_p solution a(u_p,v)=f(v) in V_p

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