PDE of Schrodinger type


I wish to solve a linear PDE of the form:

-\Delta u + V u = f

in some 2d domain, where \Delta is the Laplacian. In addition to f(x,y), there is now another function V(x,y), which is specified analytically. The weak formulation is straightforward mathematically, but how do I include V in the stiffness matrix? In other words, I expect the syntax to be something like:

varf a(u,v) = int2d(Th) ( dx(u)dx(v) +dy(u)dy(v) +uVv )

But how do I actually specify V in the code, given its analytical form V(x,y)?

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func V = cos(x) * sin(y) + exp(x+y)?

I see, that simple! Great, thank you very much.