Nedelec elements degree 1, kind 1

I am trying to implement a method for solving Maxwell’s time-harmonic equations in 3D using the Nedelec elements of degree 1 and kind 1 (DefElement: Nédélec (first kind)). However, in the source code, it seems like only kind 2 of degree 1 is implemented. Is this a correct observation? If yes, is there any simple way to get kind 1 from kind 2 in the code?

The finite element in 2d is

RT0Ortho or RT1Ortho
need load “Element_Mixte” of RT1Ortho
and in 3d

Edge03d, Edge13d, Edge23d

need load load “Element_Mixte3d” of Edge13d, Edge23d

Hmm. To me it seems you suggested elements of higher degree, but still of kind 2. I am specifically looking for degree 1 and kind 1 in 3D, which only has one degree of freedom per edge, so six in total. The ones in your source code seem to have two degrees of freedom per edge, corresponding to kind 2. Or have I misunderstood?

By some it is called kind 1 degree 0 I believe.


le definition of k is not the definition of Nedelec,

for the element Edge03d (k =1 ) the number of dof is 6 ( one off per edges)
for Edge13d (k=2) the number of dof is 20 (ok with the (DefElement: Nédélec (first kind) ).

Edge23d (k=3) the number of dof is 45 == 3*5+6/2 ok.